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Our DURACOAT wall tiles have a matt finish which offers excellent resistance to abrasion. They are resistant to water, chlorine and a variety of domestic detergents allowing their use in kitchens and bathrooms. These tiles should not be used out of doors or in areas where they will be exposed to sunlight for prolonged periods.

SHAPE                        DIMENSIONS

Square -                 148mm (6” x 6”), 198mm (8” x 8”)

Rectangle -             198mm x 248mm (8” x 10”)


We also supply a special grade of tile – the new CRYSTILE - suitable for floors, counter tops, shower cubicles, outdoors and even swimming pools. The CRYSTILE is made of glass with a highly attractive “dappled” surface and is highly durable. The print is on the back of the tile rather than the surface so it is completely protected. These tiles use a new coating technology. They meet the US ANSI and ASTM standards for commercial and residential grade tiles as well as the BS EN ISO 10545 standards in Europe. They are ideal to create stunning murals for uses on surfaces that were previously too challenging for conventional mural tiles.

SHAPE                        DIMENSIONS

Square -                148mm (6” x 6”), 300mm (12” x 12”)

Rectangle -            148mm x 198 mm (6” x 8”), 198mm x 248mm (8” x 10”)


We have a range of gloss tiles but do not recommend these for hard wearing applications. We can supply a made to order gloss tile mural for framing or non hard-wearing purposes. Please call or email.

We also supply a beautiful gloss 300m x 300mm tile printed and ready for framing or mounting. These make a wonderful gift. You can use your own image or any from the Mytilesmyhome selection. Please call or email for more information


We will soon be offering elegant wooden jewellery boxes with a personalised tile print in the lid. Choose your own image or use one from our selection. Please call or email for details.


We are confident in our product. For £30 including postage and packing, we will send you a sample printed tile to keep. If you proceed with an order we will deduct the tile cost from your mural order. Call us to order one now or send a cheque for £30 to Mytilesmyhome Ltd, PO Box 6328, London N2 0UN




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