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Three tile murals with Liz Taylor, crocuses and a beach shell


About Us

The starting point of Mytilesmyhome is a love of art and design and the wish to create or choose exactly what tiled images I have in my home or office. Mytilesmyhome came about purely by chance when deciding how to redecorate the house. We knew what we wanted but were unable to find it in the bathroom centres and DIY stores that turn out boring, standard designs – limited choices based on other people’s ideas, little scope for creativity and personalisation.

The interior of our house can and should reflect our family, our tastes and our aspirations.

There is no reason why we can’t have this and no need for it to cost a fortune. Pondering on this the concept of personalised tile murals gradually took form in the spirit of the “2000’s”….personalisation. Surely a personalised tile mural could transform the kitchen, shower, bathroom, patio or swimming pool (if we had one!)? A floor or wall mural could change the whole atmosphere of an office.

bathroom mural with The Kiss by Gustav Klimt

The concept embodying the idea of personalised tile murals, that “You can have anything you want” – the concept of MY DESIGNS ON MY TILES slowly developed. Personalising your home using your own photos and drawings. Pictures of your kids, their artwork, pets or your holiday pictures and memories.

In this way Mytilesmyhome was created. As our thinking developed we realised that something even more special could be offered. Not only could you use your own images but we could provide a range of images which you might love to use if you knew you could get hold of them.

If you are looking for ideas we supply the very best IN CLASSIC PAINTINGS from Monet to Michelangelo. You can even have an image of your favourite film or sports icon such as Audrey Hepburn, Sean Connery or David Beckham. Check out our Icons pages. If there is an image you want that is not on our site we will try and find it for you.

If you want something unique and to support GUEST ARTISTS we are offering the extraordinary characters of Mr Basher, a London artist inspired by a love of Japanese and European graphic design. We will soon be adding other current artists including the lush elegance of Dido Powell, one of the UK’s best contemporary painters and Djinn Bain, who works from her studio in the South of France. I have committed to pass on all fees for use of the images by current artists without any deductions.

We have the creative and technical skills and the technology to create beautiful and long-lasting tile murals that will transform your home or office environment.

Quite a few houses and offices have already been transformed, life has completely changed. The business is very personal, it is a way of life. Please call us with any questions or to discuss your specific needs.

Call on 020 8365 3143 or email

Best wishes

All at Mytilesmyhome

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Mytilesmyhome: my photos and designs on my tiles. Murals in my kitchen and bathroom

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